Khaled TANNIR Founder of dataXper, has over 25 years of rich experience  as Entreprise / Solutions Big Data Architect and Trainer in several areas and domains such as Finance, Asset Management, Cosmetics and Press.

With significant experience in Big Data environments and data mining, I have strong skills in the design of massive real-time oriented data analysis architectures and governance.

Since many years, I choose to specialize in open-source technologies and specially Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark technologies.

My Vision

I made it my mission to help users analyze and understand their data. I think fundamentally this is based on the democratization of data. In other words, users who are familiar with the data must be given the means to query and analyze it.

Any analyst should be able to easily access their data, regardless of their location. These same users must also be able to analyze their data and discover the actionable information it contains without calling on the rare elites of data scientists (“data scientists”) and IT developers.

Analyzing and understanding data is crucial, regardless of its volume, as it helps translate information into findings and decisions. This approach to analyzing and visualizing big data is of particular importance due to the very high costs of storing, preparing and querying this data.

Therefore, companies must take advantage of optimized data sources and rigorously apply best practices to enable its users to directly query this gigantic amount of data. Big Data has given rise to many innovations in recent years. The options available today are therefore varied and have different advantages.

Personally, I believe in supporting any Big Data platform that becomes important for users and helping them to interact in real time with their data.

The Books I wrote

This book is the perfect introduction to sophisticated concepts in MapReduce and will ensure you have the knowledge to optimize job performance. This is not an academic treatise; it’s an example-driven tutorial for the real world.

For .NET developers who want to acquire document-oriented database skills, there is no better introduction to RavenDB than this book. It covers all the bases in a user-friendly style that makes learning fast and easy.

History of my Education and Training


Admission in Doctoral School

Obtaining a Master of Research diploma to enter the Doctoral school of the University of Cergy-Pontoise – France

Preparation of a (PhD) thesis about the ‘Optimization of Data Mining Algorithms in a Cloud Environment).

EDI Cergy-Pontoise


Speaker at EGC 2012

Complex Data Mining Forum: Complexity Related to Multiple format and Data volume.

As part of a Workshop session, I participated in EGC 2012 as a speaker to present my work.

In this session I presented the first elements of defining an algorithm to determine the optimal number of virtual machines (VMs) when running data mining applications in a cloud environment. The efficient processing of data mining requires first obtaining an intelligent partitioning of data by clustering it in order to perform as independently as possible the processing of shards of data with strong semantic consistency.

Official event website
Download the document (in French)


Ecole d'Ingénieurs du CNAM - France

Graduated with Master’s degree in Information System with the ‘Excellent‘ grade (17/20) after a three-year university course.


Ecole Ingenieur CNAM


Université Paris VIII (Saint-Denis) - France

Preparing (and obtaining)  a specialization diploma (DESS) in Digital Telecommunications.




Amilieh Technical High School (Lebanon)

Preparing (and obtaining) a diploma in ‘Electronics Technics’  followed by a specialization in ‘Automation and Robotics’. This is a 4-year course that allows students to obtain a diploma with a lot of hands-on, not only theoretical.




4University Degrees
30Big Data and others Certificates