Like any entrepreneur, I have worked hard over the years with one goal, satisfying my clients and students. In return, many of them expressed their satisfaction through different and various ways. I have chosen to share with you some of their testimonies and satisfaction expressions.


Khaled has always been, and continues to be, ahead of the pack in his domain of obtaining value from data (measured in real dollars). Many a company have been discouraged with their lack of results in this domain. To them I recommend discussing their needs with Khaled. You can expect from him an honest view of what is and what is not possible.

Robert Jackson - Chief Information Officer at Nova Steel Inc linkedin

It was my pleasure to follow Khaled's course at Cegep Bois de Boulogne (Montréal). He was my instructor for 2 Big Data courses. He is a motivated and organized instructor who develops inspiring relationships with his students. He has extensive knowledge of Big Data. On top of that, he is passionate and has excellent teaching skills. I highly recommend him for any big data, cloud computing, and analytics training course.

Ayoub Hanzouli, M.A.Sc - BI Consultant & Data Engineer at Databridg linkedin

As one of his students, Khaled was impressive in his ways of explaining big data. The course was perfectly paced to follow in short bursts. I also liked the approach in which he explained complex things in a simple way. All I can say is that Khaled is an amazing teacher and very passionate about Big Data and Data Science.

Ali Rqiq - Administrateur Middleware - CN linkedin

We took the Introductory Big Data training course from dataXper. Mr. Tannir has constantly provided us with great technological advice that takes into account our needs. Thanks to him, we have managed to learn and understand a lot of things in the world of Big Data. His strong skills in Big Data strategy will certainly lead to the development of a collaboration to help us prepare our action plan and our road-map to adopt Big Data technologies.

Eric Blanchet - Directeur BI chez Vidéotron

Mr Khaled, I really liked your course and your method. Frankly speaking, such course for the price we paid, is 1000 times nothing.

Merzak Boukhatem - Analyste Pregrammeur En BI at Dynamite Clothing linkedin

I'm very glad that you are my teacher. I'm not the best student, but you are the best teacher. Although we have only been together for three short weeks, I still feel that I have gained a lot. The good times passed quickly, and I was about to leave McGill and Montreal, the lovely and charming places. I used to think that the lessons in this project were not very practical, but in the process of learning, I found many operations are very useful. I really appreciate what you've taught me. And my university is in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. If you come to China, you can call me by (+86)173xxxxxxxx. I'm always expecting you.

YangZhang Zhou - Student at MicGill University - Montréal - Canada from Ningbo - China

I have worked with Khaled during the development stages of the One Large Financial Application for Private Equity Client. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Khaled as his professional approach and manner has been an assist to this development. Not once during the development did I feel unsatisfied with the service I received from Khaled, he is truly a great assist to his company. I look forward to working with Khaled again in further developments.

Usama Wahab Khan - Senior Technology Executive linkedin